Larry DeBruyn

Recommendation:   5/5

Description of author:   Larry DeBruyn is the pastor of Franklin Road Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Comments:  This book is an excellent description of and warning regarding what is taking place in the evangelical church today.  DeBruyn rightly observes that all the attacks upon the church today are attacks upon the Word of God.  The book is divided into five main chapters, each one including a subtitle:  (1) Coporate Marketing and Evangelicalism: Selling-out the Word; (2) The Changing Message of Evangelicalism:  Sabotaging the Word; (3) The Compromised Message of Evangelicalism: Sacrificing the Word; (4) Contemporary Music and Evangelicalism: Suffocating the Word; (5) Contemplative Mysticism and Evangelicalism: Subverting the Word.  He includes an introductory chapter, a summary and conclusion, four appendices, fifteen short essays on various related topics, and a selected bibliography.  I especially appreciated DeBruyn’s discussion of contemporary (rock) music in the church (p. 87-138).  He so clearly explains why it is that rock music is leading the church into mysticism.  I highly recommend this book.