Debi Pearl

Recommendation:    4/5

Author:  Debi Pearl and her husband Michael are the founders of No Greater Joy Ministries, a non-profit ministry whose emphasis is on building Biblical marriages and families.

Comments:  This book, written by a wife to wives, is a refreshing treatment of a crucial subject.  In an age where feminism and psychology have greatly influenced the church’s understanding of the husband / wife relationship, Debi brings us back to the Biblical standard.  She is very forthright, perceptive, and interesting, including many appropriate anecdotes illustrating her points (you won’t fall asleep reading this book).  Her fundamental thesis is reflected in the title of the book:  the wife was created for the husband.  In the first half of the book, she describes a good help meet, while in the second half she works through the qualities of a godly woman listed in Titus 2:3-5.  I highly recommend this book to wives and women who are considering matrimony.  It will not be popular with ‘liberated’ women.