A.W. Tozer

Recommendation:   4/5

Description of author:   A.W. Tozer was a pastor / writer from the 20th century (d. 1963).  He was pastor of the Southside Alliance Church in Chicago for 31 years.

Comments:  This enduring classic is probably the best known and most loved of his many books.  In it he reminds us, rather convincingly, that the purpose of all true Christians is to know God intimately.  Many Christians live as though this journey ends at salvation, while in reality it only begins there.  Here Tozer emphasizes the need to be yielded to God completely, to die to self, and to seek the exaltation of God in all of life.  This book has had a profound effect on me personally over the years.  Indeed, Tozer has been one of the most influential authors in my Christian experience.  Yet I must admit I have some concerns as I review this book.  Although, he is extremely insightful regarding Christian living, I fear the reader may be left seeking an experience with God rather than seeking simple obedience to God.  Tozer also has a strong leaning toward mystical writers, like Frederick Faber (an Anglican turned Catholic, part of the Oxford movement of the 19th c.), who were less than Evangelical in their doctrine.  Although I agree with Tozer that orthodox doctrine does not guarantee genuine Christian experience, one is almost left with the impression that it is not necessary either.  It must be remembered that all true Christian growth comes through meditation upon and faith in the Scriptures.  Although, Tozer, I am sure would have affirmed this, it does not come out as clearly in this book as it might have.