Ray Yungen

Recommendation:  5/5

Description of author:  Ray Yungen is an author, speaker, and research analyst.

Comments:  This book is an introduction to the New Age movement.  He defines the movement, traces some of its history, and explains how it has infiltrated much of our society including business, education, health, the arts, media and religion.  In the last few chapters, he explains how this movement parallels very closely with what the Bible teaches regarding the end of the age, just before Christ returns.  He also contrasts New Age teaching with the preaching of the Cross.  The book contains a glossary as well as a subject index.

Yungen defines the New Age movement as individuals who, in the context of historical occultism, are in mystical contact with unseen sources and dimensions; who receive guidance and direction from these dimensions, and most importantly, who promote this state-of-being to the rest of humanity (p. 16).  In a nutshell, he is saying that the New Age consists of those who are in contact with demonic spirits and are actively teaching others to do the same.  He explains that the term New Age is based on astrology and that according to those who embrace astrology for the last 2,000 years we have been in the sign of Picses the fish.  Now they say we are moving into the sign of Aquarius or the Age of Aquarius, hence the New Age (p. 16-17).  At the core of New Age thought is the teaching that you are God and the ultimate goal is attuning oneself to higher consciousness thereby gaining an awareness of these higher worlds or realms.  This is achieved through meditation . . . not Biblical meditation (thinking on Scripture), but rather the direct opposite, emptying the mind completely of all thought through breathing exercises, mantras, chanting, etc.  This is how you get in touch with your divine self.  This is also how the unity of all humanity is attained.  I highly recommend this book as an introduction to this dangerous and widespread movement.