John C. Lennox

Recommendation:   4/5

Description of author:   John Lennox is Professor in Mathematics at the University of Oxford.

Comments:  This book is excellent though it is probably not for the casual reader.  Anyone interested in and familiar with the Intelligent Design movement on the one hand and the rather aggressive athiesm led by people like Richard Dawkins on the other, will greatly appreciate this volume.  Lennox very intelligently leads the reader through the scientific evidence that has caused many scientists to conclude that there absolutely must be a Designer of the universe (something that seems kind of obvious to me).  This book especially answers the constant charge made by evolutionists that evolution is science and ID is religion.  Although at points Lennox becomes quite technical (at least he went over my head a few times), I found this to be a fascinating book.  He covers issues like the fine-tuning of the universe, irreducible complexity at the cellular level, and the genetic code as information.  Combining science, philosophy, and theology, Lennox answers the question in the subtitle with a resounding NO!