Charles Leiter

Recommendation:   3/5

Description of author:   Charles Leiter is a pastor at Lake Road Chapel in Kirksville, MO.

Comments:  Justification and regeneration are two of the most important doctrines in all of Scripture.  A Biblical understanding of how these two doctrines are distinct and at the same time related would clear up many problems and misconceptions in the professing church.  Leiter gives us a clear, thorough, and yet concise explanation of these two doctrines.  Justification is the forensic act of God whereby He declares us just on the basis of the completed work of Christ on the cross, by grace, through faith.  Regeneration is the work of God whereby He makes us a new creature, giving us a new heart (otherwise known as the new birth).  Justification and regeneration always go together, yet they are distinct.  Justification takes places outside of us, while regeneration is an internal work.  Justification is the foundation of our salvation, regeneration is the evidence of it.  The book is easy to read and includes many Scripture references.  The book includes four appendices and a forward by Paul Washer.  In appendix C, he explains his view of Romans 7:14-25.   He believes this section is a description of an unbeliever who has been awakened by the conviction of the Holy Spirit, as opposed to the more traditional view that Paul is describing the experience of the believer in his battle with the flesh.