John C. Whitcomb

Recommendation:  5/5

Description of author:   Dr. John Whitcomb is a well-known theologian and author who is especially known for his work along side Henry Morris in Biblical creationism.  See his website at

Comments:  This short work is essential for any evangelical Christian interested in the Intelligent Design (ID) movement.  Dr. Whitcomb is one of the most intelligent and gracious conservative scholars of this generation.  These attributes are always abundantly evident in his writings and his lectures.  The book consists of three brief chapters and six helpful appendices that make up more than half the book.  In this work he is quick to observe the positive aspects of the ID movement, but he expresses clearly its one great flaw (reflected in the title of the book), namely its refusal to name the Designer.  He writes:  There are so many powerful design arguments available today, in the providence of God, that very impressive books can be written against atheism.  But my deep and abiding concern about the Intelligent Design Movement is that even when its most undeniable evidences are brilliantly presented, genuine spiritual revival does not follow.  Hearts and lives are not being transformed.  Eternal salvation comes to people exclusively through the Bible . . . Intelligent design is essential to Biblical Christianity, but it is not sufficient . . . May it be our goal in life as Christians to tell people everywhere that Jesus Christ the LORD is our Intelligent Designer and that by humble acceptance of His gracious gift of eternal life, based upon the price He paid upon the cross, confirmed by His bodily resurrection, we may know that our sins have been forgiven and that we will spend all eternity with Him (p. 41-42).  This short work is a great introduction to both the ID movement and the Biblical Creationist movement, how they intersect and how they differ.