Charles Spurgeon

Recommendation:  5/5

Description of author:  Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892) was an English, Baptist preacher.

Comments:  One never grows weary of reading Charles Spurgeon.  This short, refreshing book is comprised of six sermons on the general subject of fixing our hope on Christ.  Spurgeon had that rare gift of being able to convict and encourage with great power, in the same breath.  In one sense, what is written in these pages is basic Christian doctrine (nothing new), and in another sense he has a way of making it all new as if this is the first time you are reading about Christ.  If you are a Christian who suffers from a lack of  assurance or if you are dealing with difficult circumstances in your life you will find this book to be of great value because Spurgeon, as always, directs you to the Great Physician.