Brian Flynn

Recommendation:  4/5

Description of author:  Brian Flynn lives in Minneapolis where he is the director of One Truth Ministries.

Comments:  This book is a warning about New Age mysticism entering evangelical churches, from a former New Age medium.  The first five chapters consist of Flynn’s testimony.  He describes how he became deeply involved in various New Age practices including forms of Eastern meditation and the use of spirit guides in divining the future.  He then explains how he came to saving faith in Christ.  The remaining seven chapters are devoted to introducing the reader to New Age religion and its infiltration of the church.  One of the main points that arises throughout the book is the New Age emphasis on subjective experiences and feelings over rational thought.  The goal of mysticism is to reach a euphoric state of complete rest through the emptying of the mind.  The techniques that are used include Transcendental Meditation, Yoga, visualization, mantras, and labyrinths.  Flynn explains how churches are adopting these practices and techniques at an alarming rate.  Of course, they are often promoted under a different name and the promoters usually, in some superficial way, incorporate Scripture.  Generally, the movement is called Contemplative Prayer.  Its most significant promoters include Thomas Merton, a Catholic mystic who died in 1968 (p. 138 ff.), Brennan Manning (p. 158 ff.), and Richard Foster (p. 142 ff).  Contemplative Prayer is also clearly evident in the ministries of Rick Warren (p. 198), Tony Campolo (p. 191), and Willow Creek (p. 197).   It is also an important element in the Emergent Church movement, including the teaching of Brian McLaren (p. 201 ff.).  The Contemplative Prayer movement is opening people up to the direct influence of Satanic experiences and is an important part of the globalization of religion which is rapidly engulfing our world.  I highly recommend reviewing the websites that are sponsored by the publisher of this book: and  You might be surprised who is promoting this dangerous form of mysticism.