Robert D. Culver

Recommendation:  5/5

Description of author:  Dr. Robert Duncan Culver is an author and professor.  He is the author of nine books.  He is an eleventh generation descendant of a Puritan who arrived in the New World in 1635 with John Winthrop.

Comments:  This relatively short and very readable overview of Isaiah 52:13-53:12 is excellently done.  Originally given as five addresses at a national church conference in Winona Lake, Indiana, this volume reads very much like a series of sermons.  He also includes some technical footnotes along the way.  The book is divided into six chapters.  The first five chapters (corresponding to the five addresses) each cover three verses of the text, while the last chapter explores the question of the identity of the Servant of Jehovah.  In this last chapter Culver places the prophecy in the context of Isaiah, explains the normal Christian view (Messianic), and then explains the various alternative views that have been suggested by others.  Culver is committed to the inspiration and inerrancy of the text and brings great clarity to this very important passage.