Dave Ramsey

Recommendation:  4/5

Description of author:  Dave Ramsey is a bestselling author and host of The Dave Ramsey Show, a nationwide radio call-in program on finances.

Comments:  This is a highly motivational and extremely practical guide to becoming financially fit.  Ramsey’s plan is simple but effective because it focuses on one thing at a time.  His plan follows, more or less, the following steps in order:  (1) Build up a $1,000 emergency fund as quickly as possible (within a month); (2) Cut up and cancel all the credit cards (3) Pay off all debts except the mortgage; (4) Build up a 3 to 6 month emergency fund; (5) Invest for retirement; (6) Invest for college funding; (7) Pay off the home mortgage.  He warns of the various myths and pitfalls regarding debt and explains how to follow a detailed, monthly budget .  The book is full of testimonials of those who have followed the plan and are now debt free.  I recommend this book because it is so clear and practical.  This ought to be required reading for every 18 year old.  As Christians we are stewards of the financial resources God has given to us.  Ramsey’s book may help us to be faithful in this area.  Perhaps I should give the added warning:  finances should not be the focus of our life.  As Christians, our eyes are on Christ not on building wealth or securing financial well-being.