Charles L. Feinberg

Recommendation:  (5/5)

Description of author:  Dr. Feinberg (1909-199?) was Professor of Semitics and Old Testament at Talbot Theological Seminary from 1952-1979.  He was one of America’s leading authorities on Old Testament languages and Jewish history.

Comments:  Regarding the importance of Zechariah, Feinberg states:  Zechariah seems to delight to give in concise and epitomized form that which the former prophets set forth concerning the person and work of the Messiah of Israel (p. 5).  He is the Epitomist of Messianic prophecy. This is an excellent verse by verse study of a very difficult Old Testament prophecy.  Feinberg deals carefully with the Hebrew and interacts with many commentators from various theological backgrounds including Keil, Baron, Hengstenberg, Kimchi, Pusey and Wright among others.  While his treatment is technical, it is still quite helpful to the person who does not know Hebrew.  It is one of the finest treatments available of the prophecy of Zechariah from a premillennial viewpoint (see Dr. Jim Rosscup, Commentaries for Biblical Expositors).  For me personally, it piqued my interest in a part of Scripture that is as difficult as it is important.