Dr. Jason Lisle

Recommendation:  5/5

Description of author:  Dr. Lisle is a research scientist, author, and speaker at Answers in Genesis in Kentucky, and is the planetarium director at the Creation Museum.

Comments:  This is a creationist’s introduction to astronomy.  Filled with beautiful color photographs and illustrations on high quality paper, this book defends Biblical accuracy in relation to the origin and age of the earth, the solar system, and the universe.  He explains the big bang theory and its problems as well as its underlying naturalistic worldview.  Lisle discusses the nature of our expanding universe and the problem of distant star light in relation to the creationist’s model of a young universe.  He clearly delineates the problems that face those who defend an old universe, including the horizon problem (p. 48-50), the recession of the moon (p. 54-58), the rate of decay of the magnetic field of the earth (p. 58-60), the planetary magnetic fields (p. 60-65), the existence of spiral galaxies and comets (p. 65-68), and the absence of antimatter in the universe (p. 80-82).  Lisle, rightly explains that the evidence does not prove recent creation, but it is certainly compatible with the Biblical teaching of recent creation.  Though the book has technical information, it is written for the average person who does not have a background in astronomy.